A Plan for Unity

Over the last few months, I have often been asked how I would unite the Montgomery County Republican Party. If elected as Chairman, I will strive for unity by restoring the focus of the County Executive Committee (CEC). The CEC is comprised all the Precinct Chairs and the Chairman. It serves as the front line of the the Republican Party and is charged with three main duties:

  1. Evangelizing the message, values, and activities of the Republican Party with the community at large.
  2. Growing the base of the Republican Party by reaching out to the community and registering new voters.
  3. Providing reinforcement for the Republican nominees to defeat their opponents in the General Election.

The CEC is not a legislative or judicial body. Although it’s permissible for the CEC to engage in various kinds of resolutions and censorship, I do not believe it’s profitable. These kinds of decisions are best sorted out by you and your neighbors at the ballot box. Whenever the CEC pursues activities beyond it’s scope, division follows. As Chairman, I will work hard to foster unity by returning the CEC to it’s core objectives.

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